Mindful Movement

An exploration and practice of mindfulness through movement

Mindful Movement aims to support you in rediscovering your body-mind relationship and reconnecting with your environment in an active and meaningful way. It's a practice created for curious and creative beings.

If you...

...feel overwhelmed by the many challenges of daily life

...want to overcome restrictions and limitations you have accumulated throughout the years 

...are eager to find your centre, and re-inhabit your body 

...are ready to focus on self-awareness, self-care and self-growth

...always look for different ways to enrich your creative practice

Then you are ready to join the practice and learn how to invite change from within.

When & Where

THU 6:30-7:30pm BST

Online via Zoom

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Illona, holistic nutritionist

Iris  is a beautiful soul and makes each session a magical place to be. I am really looking forward to doing more classes with her as they are life changing. Bless her.

Alexander, developer

I believe those classes are very needed for anyone facing any minor to major stress. It is amazing how easily the movements can be implemented and how quickly you can relief stress and stiffness.

Kristen, dance artist

Founder of LÎLA Dance Alchemy

What I mostly enjoy about Mindful Movement classes is how each class is a journey back into myself- to find more calm, clarity and magic. There sessions are like gems - each one is completely unique and with their own flashes of brilliance.

Effie Gu - Set & Visual designer

"This practice has given me a lot of inspiration for my creative process - it is a journey towards self-discovery."

Daphne Panopoulou - Healthcare professional


"From the very first class, I felt I regained my long-lost focus. I stopped feeling guilty for not rushing for an hour, like I do in my everyday life"

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