Research Project

Dissertation: ‘Choro-graphy tools and methodology of great contemporary choreographers for architectural synthesis’, an examination of the relationship between space and the movement of the body, playing on the Greek term denoting both ‘dance’ and ‘space’.

Greek book

Thesis Project

Experimental Practical Project: ‘Development of a design tool based on human movement, recording everyday movements with a
Kinect Sensor’: conducted literature review of phenomenology philosophy, gestalt theory and theoretical background of selected
contemporary choreographers; studied human movement in both socializing and everyday contexts, conducted movement research based on the aforementioned movement categories, recorded movements with Kinect sensor and camera, produced 3D clusters on 3DS Max and Rhinoceros; produced a ‘dictionary of movements’ and synthesised the information to produce an architectural installation.

TEDx Talk

Dancing with Space

Creating a somatic landscape

How is space seen in Dance and Architecture? Can we use architectural elements to create a performance? This TEDx talk is about common tools and methodology shared between Dance and Architecture in order to create space using our bodies.

Performers: Maria Sikioti, Maria Koltsidopoulou, Katerina Lampri, Katerina Balabani, Erin Petrou 

English script available:


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